Harvard House, Chartered Accountants offer the full spectra of services associated with the Chartered Accounting profession. These services include accounting and bookkeeping, accounting officer duties, Auditing, Tax advice, planning and compliance as well as VAT compliance. Company and CC secretariat services are also provided.
Combining the Harvard House Group's product offering, business strategy and consulting forms and integral part of assisting Harvard House clients.

Accounting & Secretarial Services

Given the constant changes and increased complexity of business legislation, combined with rigorous compliance monitoring and frequent imposition of significant penalties, the preparation of sound financial records is an absolute necessity for all businesses. So too is compliance with statutory requirements both in terms of accuracy and ability to withstand an audit. We provide all of the services, including:

  • Monthly processing of financial information;
  • Completion and submission of statutory returns, such as VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF etc;
  • Preparation of regular management accounts;
  • Assistance in interpreting financial information in order to make sound business decisions;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and submission of applicable tax returns;
  • Drafting and completion of all necessary returns and applications to the Registrar or Companies;
  • Company and CC formations, CIPRO updates and amendments.

Tax Services & Advisory

Taxation, and the timely administration thereof, has become increasingly complex as the Government strives to widen the net and improve collections. We can assist clients to confidently navigate through the complexity of the current tax environment to ensure that all obligations are met timeously. Our range of services include:

  • Assessing whether a client is liable for income tax and provisional tax, and the associated administration of registration/deregistration with SARS;
  • Compilation of detailed tax schedules showing the client’s tax liability or refund due;
  • Completion and submission of returns via SARS eFiling for individuals, trusts, companies and CC’s;
  • Completion and submission of provisional tax forms via SARS eFiling;
  • Collection and payments for assessed tax and provisional tax;
  • Advice relating to complex tax matters specific to each client’s situation;
  • Updates on changes to tax legislation;
  • Provision of specialized tax services due to changes in prevailing legislation.

Trustee Services

The use of trusts has become increasingly popular in recent times as an effective means of estate planning. However, the legal and tax environment have become increasingly complex, requiring trustees to be vigilant and diligent in the application of duties. Our expertise can assist with:

  • Comprehensive advice on the use and structure of both new and existing trusts;
  • Trustee secretarial services;
  • Compliance with all statutory requirements;
  • Accounting and compilation of annual financial statements;
  • Completion of all taxation requirements.