In January 2005, the Harvard House Group, together with Everest Corporate Benefits based in Johannesburg, launched the Harvard House Umbrella Provident Fund. The value proposition was consistent with that for the entire group, namely transparency to clients, value for money, and consistency in investment approach.

In 2013 developments in the retirement space as well as a buy-out of Everest Corporate Benefits led to a transfer of participating employers to Momentum Employee Benefits, Funds At Work platform. Harvard House clients still receive exceptional value for money by enjoying a low cost solution with Harvard House’s existing funds available on the Funds At Work platform.

  • The Ekuseni Fund (Zulu for morning) is designed for investors either with a high risk tolerance or at an early stage of their working career, seeking exposure to markets to achieve maximum wealth creation over the longer term. Ekuseni achieves this objective by maintaining, on average, a 65% equity exposure. Although more volatile over the short term it should deliver returns ahead of inflation.
  • The Emini Fund (Zulu for noon) is designed for investors who seek a more balanced approach to their investments aiming to achieve steady wealth creation in the longer term. Emini achieves this objective through a combination of equity and bond exposure. The higher exposure to bonds reduces volatility in returns yet it should deliver returns ahead of inflation.
  • The Ntambama Fund (Zulu for evening) is designed for investors who are either risk averse or are close to retirement age seeking to protect their capital exposure in the financial markets. Ntambama achieves the objective as "safe haven" by solely investing in money market instruments earning prevailing interest rates.