Harvard House Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is our specialised business unit providing short term insurance products and services. The need to provide short term insurance solutions is driven largely (but not exclusively) by demand from our existing clients who are eager to receive the same quality service offered by the other divisions in the group.

Major insurance companies are available, all insurable needs can be addressed and client service is personal and efficient.

Whilst often considered a “grudge” purchase, insurance is vital to ensure peace of mind in our modern, crime-prone society. Therefore, we highlight the following:

  • Our approach focuses on value-for-money, expedient service
  • Harvard House Insurance Brokers prides itself in taking a personal approach and interest in each client
  • Thereby ensuring your cover meets your needs
  • Through providing personal or commercial insurance
  • And striving to achieve low and competitive premiums
  • This includes cover to insure your motor car, house contents, building and personal items
  • In addition, we also undertake to protect your business from insurable risks and may include cover for fire, building, theft, business interruption, liability, electronic equipment and/or a host of other risk categories
  • We conduct a comprehensive review of your short term insurance needs and are able to negotiate special deals with our insurance product suppliers
  • High quality products offered from some of our product supplier partners are:
    • Santam
    • Mutual & Federal
    • Quicksure
    • Auto & General
    • Tradesure
    • Commercial & Industrial Acceptances (insurance for Body Corporates, B&B’s and other commercial and private building risks)
    • One (One Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd)
    • Mirabilis
    • Zestlife/Liberty (Medical Gap Product)